Pati Springmeyer

My life has been devoted to art and beauty.

I have trained at the International Color and Image Institute, and Dwyn Larson's 20 Types Of Beauty. Susanne Caygill, the pioneer was a regular part of my life growing up as well as her ideas on the Seasonal Theory. The color lab and typing system I use today, was created by Susanne over 40 years ago and is the oldest color lab in the world.

In my work I specialize in Personal Color Analysis, "beauty type" style identities, print and pattern analysis and overall aesthetic using a typing system based on seasonal theory. PCA has evolved considerably since the 1980's when it was at it’s height of popularity.

I'm the sole owner of Seasonal Color Studio. I use the Caygill Appearance & Color Design System. My palettes are assembled in the oldest and most accurate color lab in the United States.


Do You Want To Learn "How" To See You As Others Do?

I show you HOW to see your infinite beauty through Seasonal Color Analysis.
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