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Pati Springmeyer

My life has been devoted to art and beauty.

I have trained at the International Color and Image Institute, and Dwyn Larson's 20 Types Of Beauty. Susanne Caygill, the pioneer was a regular part of my life growing up as well as her ideas on the Seasonal Theory. The color lab and typing system I use today, was created by Susanne over 40 years ago and is the oldest color lab in the world.

In my work I specialize in Personal Color Analysis, "beauty type" style identities, print and pattern analysis and overall aesthetic using a typing system based on seasonal theory. PCA has evolved considerably since the 1980's when it was at it’s height of popularity.

I'm the sole owner of Seasonal Color Studio. I use the Caygill Appearance & Color Design System. My palettes are assembled in the oldest and most accurate color lab in the United States.