We Are Part of Nature and Her Rhythms - The Four Seasons

There's never been a more certain, more effective way of learning how to dress yourself for life than with the personal palette fan. You can tune into each color and watch in the mirror how each hue reflects your inner self. You'll learn from real experience how fashion and design theory affect your decisions and why you inherently like or dislike each. Plus, you get a personal folder full of detailed suggestions for your wardrobe, interior design and personality type. Best of all, you'll get the confidence backed by your own increasingly successful results. You'll become proficient in the most valuable skill in business, which is visual confidence.

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Custom Design Palette Fan:

Color analysis is the foundation for my personal style development process. Beginning with my analysis of your skin tone, I develop and design and deliver to you an accurate and beautiful color fan representative of your seasonal color harmony.  The fan is sleek and fits easily into your purse or a pocket. Sessions are at my studio or hotel, depending on my location/state.  *Skype (or Zoom) is also available if travel to Las Vegas is not an option. 

Your seasonal archetype describes a major part of your appearance design and style personality. A second important tool in my work is personal style development using 7  universal styles. These two systems result in a series of vision boards to train your eye to the 2-3 styles that correspond to who you are and what you want.

These 7 universal styles are what we analyze and select from so that you achieve authenticity and congruency between your Inner Essence and your Outer Expression. Which of these styles describe you?

  • Sporty, Traditional, Elegant?
  • Romantic, Alluring, Creative, Dramatic?

Integrating the style development approach with accurate color analysis gives you the tools to look on the outside the way you are in the inside.


  • Personal Painted Palette with Seasonal Archetype, and lifetime updates
  • Universal Style Analysis with Vision Boards (2 - 4) and followup personal consultations

Add-on Packages:

  • Personal Prints & Patterns
  • Glasses (frames, colors, style, size) upon request, price varies

Bookings are 2 weeks in advance, with a 50% deposit required to hold your slot.

Affordable payment plans are available.

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"When you look like yourself, you increase your power. The universe responds to pure vibration and when there is no split energy, you have access to more of YOU."  - Pati

"Fashion doesn’t teach us there is more than one kind of beauty. It can’t. But, I can."   - Pati 

"We can access the spiritual through the physical when we dress congruently with our essence."   - Pati