Case Study: Viola Davis

The annual Academy Awards affords color analysts the best and worst eye candy of the year. Often there are beautiful gowns on beautiful women. But sometimes I remember the gown better than the person. This is because either the color and/or style is too far removed from the person’s native coloring and seasonal archetype.

One of my favorite actresses is Viola Davis. Her on screen work feeds my soul. So when I was in the early stages of learning how to type dark skin tones I chose her as my first model.

Here is a photograph where I thought she looked the most beautiful. She is wearing a silver ball gown and the palette I created for her is based on this photograph.

She is a Jewel Tone Summer. There was hardly another season that she could remotely connect with visually in my 24 season system.

Here are some examples of color that is too bright and/or too warm for her:

The temperature and color quality are not correct for her. So, the dress is wearing her.

This is a cool muted tone from the violet family, a common color for summer types to love and wear well. It makes HER shine.

Lastly, here she is again in cooler color that makes her come forward. Viola’s fabulousness essence comes first before we even notice what she’s wearing.

It isn’t always easy to see skin tones on the darker, equatorial skin types. With Viola Davis there was no question in my mind that her essence is grounded in the Jewel Tone Summer archetype..

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