Jewel Tone Summer – Beautiful Irina

It’s the first day of December, but my mind is not on autumn. Before me is a woman who perfectly exemplifies the sub-type, Jewel Tone Summer.


These vision boards focus on Neo-Victorian, Victorian, and Steampunk historical periods for her aesthetic direction: two are aspirational, the others more practical.

It can be helpful for clients to be able to reference a celebrity that is a similar type. In this example, Anne Hathaway, also a Jewel Tone Summer, has many of the same design characteristics as Irina. Here the celebrity is wearing a dress that Irina herself could wear.

Irina works with her hands in a stunning array of art forms, from fashion design and draping, crochet, leather working –you name it. She is thorough, precise, and exacting. There is “care” in her execution when creating beautiful clothing and objects. Summers often love to work with their hands in the handicrafts of knitting, crochet, lace making, embroidery, sewing. They are graceful and refined in their extremities and especially hand movements.

Irina has a range of refinement that spans the gritty, feistiness of Steampunk to classic Victorian.

My client has a rich emotional intensity – which is explained by her placement on the Enneagram ( a personality typing system for personal transformation). I take this into account when matching the symmetry of her emotional intensity with her inherent visual impression. Irina looks best in a “visual weight” that is medium to heavy. The heavier vibration of black suits her; in fact, as an artist with an intense emotional landscape, she needs it.

Here is a practical board, showing her a more modern interpretation of her historical periods.

Another more aspirational type vision board: The Greco-Roman historical period she belongs to, with it’s derivative Victorian period. Here is her celebrity look-alike wearing a wonderful example of a red carpet gown Irina would look beautiful in.

Until next time, I hope you take a moment to observe the color changes in nature as we move from fall to winter in the following weeks. Open your eyes and you will notice how the colors change, and, the energy. In the northern hemisphere we are shifting from the dynamic drama of autumn to the static drama of winter. Watch for it.

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