Selecting Eyeglass Frames – Part 3

This is the third and last of the series on eyeglass frame selection. To recap quickly you can read the first article here…and the second one which is technical, here

I’ve painted several possible shapes onto a photo of Greg’s face (I’m a classically trained painter and old habits die hard) to see which ones are:

1. Harmonious with the design of his face, and

2. Which frame style will best convey the message of “ solution master”, “ I get the job done”, and “I am my own authority”.

Here is a photo of Greg’s original eyeglass frames,

And here’s an image of Greg with the new frames I painted on the photo,

Showing people how to dress with purpose is satisfying work and I love watching my clients unleash the stylist within themselves. Using the color and style principles of art design demystifies the art of dressing well.

The painted-on frames are the best ones because they repeat the shapes of his lips, and give his “wise eyes” plenty of room to breathe.  

What’s not great about his original round frames is that they read “friendly” and “creative.” Not a bad choice if that’s his dominant intention.  However, Greg is the leader of his groups and an older gentleman. It’s more important that he look compelling and powerful than “soft” or “ approachable”.  The frames I’ve designed for him look more dramatic.  

I’ve purposely painted one side of the frame darker so I could see how this frame design would look as sunglasses.  Both lenses would work well in Greg’s face. Here you can try on, virtually, eye frames that you think might work for you at, or Warby Parker can send you 5 frames for a free home try on. No need to be a classically trained painter!

Next up will be an article about the power of your ultimate dressing with purpose guide: the well designed portable color fan. 

In the meantime, if you would like a color consult or know someone who could use some expert help, I’m your guide! I offer payment plans as well as special pricing for members of Toastmasters and Trustegrity.

May the colors be with you,


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