Spring Is Turning To Summer – Here is a Realtor Client Displaying That Same Combination

Spring with some Summer: A.R.

My client, A.R, carries many of the classic characteristics of the Spring type, and some of the softness of the Summer. She has other things going on as well;  my impression of her personality and appearance design is she is heart-centered, helpful, dynamic, driven, quick, buoyant with some softness, and compact. These characteristics suit her career as a realtor, and make her a power house.

As a premium real estate broker, she needs three types of outfits:

Classic and streamlined styles in her Casual Neutral would be good choices for her while networking, and meeting clients for the first time.

The streamlined, monochromatic, flesh tone and neutral color schemes from her palette which constitute the essence of Elegant and Classic style will help her to focus.  This sleek, sophisticated style will not ask anything of her.  She looks polished with pieces that convey a calculated appearance and disciplined attitude and supreme confidence.

She could wear traditional style with touches of gamine shortened horizontals, as in this example below, when she’s doing informal networking, or showing country properties, particularly if she’s working with young families and couples: 

Because of the resort flavor of her Las Vegas market, she can easily incorporate the non-classical style of Alluring in her outfits. Adding the structure of a jacket adds authority and traditional style elements that engender trust:


If she is closing a commercial transaction, it would be effective for her to add dramatic touches to a classic ensemble:  

 She is a Soft Gamine beauty type, with a compact-dynamic quality in addition to some softness; there is also formality to her demeanor.  When she wants to honor her extreme feminine qualities, she might wear something like this:

She will feel right at home in both somewhat structured  fabrics with medium drape as well as unstructured flowing fabrics with some translucence such as chiffon and viscose georgette.

The vision boards and explanation of my analysis A.R. received from our work together contain much more information than this blog post allows.

This is plenty for now my color loving friends.  Look for my next post, which will be about a delicious composite of a Natural Relaxed summer beauty type who was just in the studio.

May the colors be with you,


Master Color Designer

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