The Emotional Power Of Red: Happy Valentine’s Day

Wanna hot date? Then I advise wearing your “Related Red”, the most powerful and emotional color on your palette.

Here is a great article on the power of red that I thought you would enjoy.

Fashion designer Bill Blass has been known to say, “Whenever in doubt, wear red.” And we’ll admit, there really is nothing like a red dress (or red shoes or a red lipstick) to make one feel just a little bit sexier.

Red has long been associated with love and passion. As Leslie Harrington, executive director of the Color Association of the United States, told HuffPost, almost everyone around the world equates red with love. Part of the reason we make that connection, Harrington explained, may have to do with the fact that red is related to blood, which is related to the heart, which has become a symbol of love.

Here’s What A Man Perceives When A Woman Wears Red

May the colors be with you on this Valentine’s Day,

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