The English Summer Gentleman

The English Summer Gentleman

Here is the classic Jewel Tone palette for a gentleman.

He has Alizarin Crimson based skin tone for which I had to paint custom swatches before understanding his skin tone. Very cool coloring with warm Burnt Umber based hair and eyes. So cool skin, relatively dark, warm eyes and hair.

His vibe is true to the Summer Gentleman: more on the solid side of things, discerning, thorough, meticulous, a refined appearance design both two dimensionally speaking, as well as sculpturally speaking. Also, a slower rhythm of design line in his facial features and bodily movement, which is best reflected in casual elegant clothing for work, with a nod to the creative style (he’s a hair stylist) using classic lines.

He walks like a summer and has a sonorous timbre to his voice, that reminds me of the visual experience of silk fabric. He is manly with a medium scale design when considering prints, buttons, clothing detailing ( plackets, lapels, etc.). He reflects a medium visual weight design which will dictate his selection in watches and other accessories. He is best in understated, elegant styles, executed in luxurious fabrics with low to medium structure in the drape.

English Summer men are a delight to work with because of their gentle manliness and calm, solid demeanor.

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