The Exquisite Nature Of The Mermaid Summer

Here is a Mermaid Summer.

She has warm and cool color vibrations which create the iridescent quality so typical of this seasonal subtype. There is something quietly remarkable about her.

She is not “siren” like or dangerously alluring like the women in the Waterhouse painting “Ulysses Returns” (detail below). Quietly charismatic and enchanting is how I think of her. She is more like the Mermaid painting, also by John Waterhouse.

I gave her two Casual Neutrals: the cool toned redheads I know, like to wear their hair color when it’s cooled down, lightened up in value, or, the darkest dark of their hair. I question the need for the third stick (which is the dark value of her hair). It looks a little out of place and I doubt she will use it because the other two “do the job”. Depending on how it works for her over the next few months I may advise her to take it out.

This fan shows how soft and romantic this mermaid is: an artistic type, individualistic and soulful without being heavy. This Mermaid Summer is a magical creature.

The Sirens by John Waterhouse


The Mermaid by John Waterhouse


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