The Iridescent Summer – They Are Not All Alike

Some time ago, this beautiful young woman came to my studio by way of her sister, Paige. The blog post about Paige, a Mermaid Summer is here. Brooke tagged along and enjoyed watching the process so much she decide to have her colors done as well.

The challenge here was that the Brooke looked so much like her sister Paige, and I could tell they are used to being treated like bookends. I was curious as to how they might be different. Brooke, at first glance, has twin-like similarities to her sister, an Iridescent Summer. But, when I look closely, there are more differences than similarities, even though they are the same sub-type: Iridescent Mermaid Summer.

Brooke has cool red hair with no red violet. Just violet, raw umber and a little ochre. Personality-wise she has an edge, is elf-like, confident and quiet. Her physiognomy suggests a fair amount of romantic design quality.

Most of Brooke’s palette was custom painted. It was the only way I could explore the nuanced differences between her and the other Iridescent Summers that have been in the studio. Each one is so different! But, they all have the “iridescent” juxtaposition of warm and cool color temperatures.

My apologies for the washed out photography – I’m still learning photoshop and it’s slow going with me.


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