The Lush Elegance Of A Tropical Winter

After weeks of Summer and Autumn clients, I was fascinated by this Winter woman’s appearance and presence. As a set designer, and visual person, she knows herself visually already. She has the energy and the visual hallmarks of a true Winter. The feeling I get from her: an air of serenity, sureness, and containment. I use the analogy of the energy in an “oxygen tank” when trying to describe the sometimes ineffable quality of the Winter seasonal type.

I often have to look to other typing systems that cross pollinate with Seasonal Theory to help explain a person’s countenance. As a clairvoyant I can’t find a better “picture” than the astrological example of Aquarian energy being likened to an “oxygen tank”. I see it in Aquarians most of the time, but not always.

The Winter type in seasonal theory has a similar quality to their movement, energy and appearance design of the face. Just like the air that is compressed into a metal container, sitting there still and immovable, the Winter type has a static quality. It’s as if they give the whole world a place to rest their eyes from all the noise around them.

My client is just like her colors: warm, rich, luxurious, and dramatic.


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