You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Until You Know What You Don’t Know

A new design from my private label, Bourbon Couture. I bought the silk chiffon years ago, long before I became a color stylist. Will I wear this print? Yes. But like anything, once you know what you don’t know, it’s impossible to go back. So, I’ve trained myself to analyze everything I wear and here are my thoughts:

This design is wonderful for when I’m in a romantic mood. And although I don’t fit the romantic beauty identity using physical parameters of beauty typing, I am however, a 4 on the Enneagram and a true “romantic” in the way I live my life. Regardless, that’s kinda like splitting “image consulting hairs” because on a visual design level this print is pretty good for me even if the overall dress is on the “sweet” side.

Although, I must add that I prefer larger scale prints with more overall directional movement. Yet, there’s softness and I love the feeling of wind swept movement. The shapes relate to my un-kept, soft waves of ribbon like hair. It could also be a successful background print in smaller amounts, perhaps a blouse or long skirt. There is a medium amount of design to my face and therefore look best in medium to large scale prints which is why I wouldn’t mind if the shapes were a little larger…..

But, I love the individual shapes themselves…and the ultra feminine quality of this design. I will wear it for a summertime date night…even though it’s not perfect. After a couple of glasses of wine or tequila I won’t care 🙂

This beautiful dress was sewn by Kira’s Closet and is from a digitally reproduced vintage pattern.


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