You Don’t Know What You Like

Following up on my last post where I touched on the idea that we don’t know what we look like, I’m including here a poignant video that illustrates my point.

A picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll let the video do the talking. It’s 6 minutes long and you might be amazed.

There is a paradox here: while it’s true we don’t know what we look like in one sense, we are drawn to that which is inherent to us MOST of the time unless we’ve been trained out of our natural impulses. People know their colors when they see them.

I spend many hours making sure my color analysis is accurate, not just beautiful. That’s why I take a fluid approach to typing and don’t think anything of sitting on a palette for several weeks or months before I release it. A person’s dominant seasonal archetype contains the seeds for the entire aesthetic direction for her personal style development. It’s important to get it right.


This infamous Dove ad depicts an FBI forensic artist named Gil Zamora sketching women (who were behind curtains), by the way they verbally describe themselves. He says things like, “Tell me about your chin,” to which these women (depressingly) reply, “It kind of protrudes a little bit, especially when I smile.”

My next post is about what colors to wear on Valentine’s Day if you want a hot date.

Until then may the colors be with you,

Master Color Designer
Seasonal Color Studio

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